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Girl Details/女孩详细

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Name 姓名:【630号】刘诗涵

Age 年龄 : 22

Height 身高 : 162CM

Boobs 胸围 : 36D

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Central Hotel 中部酒店






Contact me, please say that is seen on the 8090girls website, Thank you!

Mobile 联络号码 : 83715393


  • 洗澡/CatBath
  • 舌吻/Frenching
  • 模/舔妹妹/Fingering/Painting
  • 全身漫游/Full body catbath
  • 深喉旋转口交/Deepthroat Twisting BJ
  • 冰火口交/Ice/Fire BBBJ
  • 无套口交/BBBJ
  • 舔乳头/蛋蛋/Nipples/Balls Sucking
  • 六九
  • 口爆/Cum In Mouth
  • 打飞机/HJ
  • 有套做爱/FJ
  • 射胸/Cum On Breast
  • 波推
  • 制服诱惑/Uniform Temptation
  • 乳交/Boobs Job



More Photos/更多照片

2019-03-04 19:16:01
啊天 Says:
今天有空 特地找了这个小美女

人美年轻, 服务好 不赶时间 第二次来找她了:D

希望各位狼友 好好照顾
2019-03-03 21:33:38
Gin87 Says:
Book 刘, when open the door a young beautiful girl with a S figure. Boobs is firm and big and grope her and was sensitive. and her ice and hot bj was good suction. Her tongue was like a snake in and out from the mouth. . When to bed and lay down and give me a nice bj lick every part of the body. Her pussy is wet and pink so nice to touch. Her moan is so sweet like Japan av idol. I put into her warm love hole and penetrate her. She ask me faster as she can’t take it and give the last burst of fire and shoot her.
2019-03-06 13:55:08
Lv Says:
Visited her not Long ago
Breaks the ice fast, accommodating, small build.
Moans loud at missionary
Very handful feel when stroke her body
Overall 8/10
Definitely can try
2019-03-06 12:23:07
老司机 Says:
2019-03-07 00:52:10
HappyLover Says:
Shihan is pretty chatty n also has a very gd attiude.She has a fair n smooth skin.Her 咪咪 is big.Service is very gd n making love with ShiHan is shiok.She getting wet easily n High GFE.Will continue to visit ShiHan again n again.Hope bros will take gd care of ShiHan.
2019-03-07 00:42:37
HPM Says:
Just finish a session with LiuShiHan ,feeling happy n lucky.She is pretty chatty n gd attitude.Has a fair n smooth skin.Making love with ShiHan is very shiok .Getting wet easily n High GFE .Will continue to visit ShiHan in a few days later.Hope bros will take gd care of ShiHan.
2019-03-20 13:17:17
大粉丝 Says:
见面第一印象 人和照片差不多85%相似度
非常漂亮 我更喜欢真人的刘诗涵 好有气质
胸部很大 我没办法抗拒 就礼貌的问了能不能摸
她很大方的回答说 来吧 哈哈哈哈哈
摸了一会就硬了 我们开始了激情的舌吻

没有一分钟是失望的!惟妙惟肖 完美无瑕!
超喜欢她 完全投入...
2019-03-19 12:35:04
大奶先生 Says:
I got quite attracted to the boob pics .. So after seeing her pics and a rough conclusion on the services.. So after adding her, managed to have a short convo, and got to know her response is pretty fast, and pretty much good impression.

One of those prettier ladies, the more I see, the more 顺眼 she is.. Seductive looks also.. Slender curves, her tits are nicely shaped, fully natural and soft, fair complexion. Big D cup, my fav minimum size!!! Hahahahaha

After we break ice, we started to lips kissing, and then slowly into DFK and passionate frenching.. Wild with hands groping her D cup, and her hand rubbing my dick.. I can’t Tahan big tits, super fast erect hard like hell.. throbbing dick bursting.. just keep on frenching and playing her tits..

Before she starts to suck my dick. I told her to start with my balls first, she obliged, and goes slowly licking and trying to suck the balls into mouth! This part quite satisfying, as she’s not rushing anythin
2019-03-21 11:51:34
Bernard Says:
样貌: 8.5/10 邻家女孩中带点骚气
胸部: 9/10 D+杯
身材: 8.5/10 蛮性感的,感觉有练过瑜伽的伸缩性
舌吻: 9/10 可以有,看人看感觉
女友感: 8.5/10 从进门到道别都感觉体贴入微
口活;9/10 全面细腻
啪啪:9/10 配合度高, 完全融入,没有虚假
态度:10/10 非常的好,没得挑剔
回头: 应该会再约

2019-03-21 19:15:30
诗涵 has a warm and friendly disposition which was immediately felt once I passed the door. Despite me telling her that I was sweaty from a workout, she still showered me with hugs and kisses. I had to reject her advances so that I can be cleansed of my filth...

诗涵 stripped out of her sexy outfit and entered the bathroom with me. She enthusiastically lathered me from top to bottom and cleaned me up thoroughly to get me ready for a good time.

I mentioned because of the strenuous exercise prior, I might not be able to consummate and asked if she could let me CIM which she gladly obliged. She wasted no time in getting me into the mood and pushed me onto the bed. She took the initiative to was all over me, we frenched deeply to my delight.

There, she catbathed me using warm water which brought the experience a notch higher than most others. I suggested we should try ice the next time. After being satisfied by her orally, I asked to switch. While she didn\'
2019-03-07 00:40:51
HPM Says:
Just finish a session with LiuShiHan ,feeling happy n lucky.She is pretty chatty n gd attitude.Has a fair n smooth skin.Making love with ShiHan is very shiok .Getting wet easily n High GFE .Will continue to visit ShiHan in a few days later.Hope bros will take gd care of ShiHan.
2019-03-24 13:56:10
希望在人间 Says:
Please refer to pictures and videos.. I personally rate her 8/10. Pretty nice looks, more of sexy kind..

About 1.63m.. Big C cup close to small D cup, big and soft, nice nipples, kept sucking her tits for few times..

Frenching: 9/10
Frenching DFK Super Gao Gao type.. Deep, wet, anyhow you french, she is game for it.. PERFECT for frenching lovers..

BBBJ: 9/10
Needless to say, please check her BBBJ video...

I was relaxing and looking at her the whole time.. she took it slowly and caring my dick like is hers..

Handjob: 8/10
Something which I can highlight on, I like girls who can HJ well.. Same as blowjob, she take it slowly, playing with my balls, taking care nicely as precious .. slow tugging, playing with dickhead, reverse HJ, licking and moaning at my ears, while I’m slapping her butt..

That’s it, cum all into her mouth.. haha...

2019-03-26 15:40:01
PaulTan Says:
Looks: 8.88/10 ( Chiobu... )
Figure: I felt would be big C cup instead.. 
Frenching: 10/10 ( French like mad, like Long lost lover )
BBBJ: 9/10 ( Deepthroat about 90%. Swirling in circles while sucking.. )
CIM: 10/10 ( Suck til last drop! )
Service/Attitude: 9.5/10 ( Nothing to be picky about.. ) 

Painting / FJ: 10/10 ( Super responsive with painting and bonk her in two position. Love her moans! )
2019-03-25 19:35:11
老人 Says:
solid gf and nice licks and tease and nice french with long tongue .skilful and she look better in person than pictures. her pictures do her no justice . nice prominent features
2019-04-01 19:40:49
福尔摩斯 Says:

Looks- 8.5/10 (小D罩杯,只想一整天都抓着不放)
Figure- 8/10 (前凸后翘,细皮嫩肉)
Bbbj- 9/10 (口活绝对堪称一流,回味无穷)
Catbath- 8.5/10 (舔遍全身,爽歪歪哦)
FJ- 9/10 (配合度超高的,简直俺升天了)
GFE- 10/10 (什么都懂,女友感十足)
2019-05-19 09:23:07
JRN Says:
Feels like she\'s the girlfriend I\'ve been looking for sometimes. Unforgettable experience. Will return again
2019-05-18 23:33:14
Iaryd Says:
No one better out there than her. Definitely returning again.